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Pandas are a species of bears found in China, and a few countries surrounding it. They are one of the main attractions for tourists arriving in China. Unique characteristic of these bears is that they have white bodies and black or dark brown limbs.

In addition, the face of these animals is white while their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are either black or dark brown. Panda cubs have a highly appealing face. There are many toys and paintings based on this animal. There are Chinese panda stamps, as well.

There are six stamps that form 1973 set of giant panda stamps. These stamps vary in sizes. Chinese panda bear stamps identified as N61, N62, N57, and N58 are 30 mm x 40 mm in size. Other stamps from the set, i.e., N59 and N60 are 40 mm x 30 mm in size.

This set was issued on 15th January, 1973. These stamps come in different denominations such as 4, 8, 10, 20, and 43. They also differ in colors. Most of them have beige colored background. The borders are darker when compared to the rest of the stamp. These stamp borders may be light green or slightly dark shade of beige.

There are other China Panda Stamps, as well. China has also issued Panda stamps on 24th of May, 1985. The size of this stamp is 40mm x 60mm. It bears a serial number, i.e., T106M. This stamp has a few words towards its right. These words in Chinese mean that Pandas need to be saved as they are nearing extinction. These are rare panda stamps.

More recently, i.e., in 2008, it was the turn of Hong Kong. It issued four stamps based on Pandas. The denominations of these stamps are $1.40, $5, $3, and $2.40. These stamps have pictures of giant panda's cubs. The background is white in color. However, the central part of these stamps has some dark color on which panda cubs look strikingly adorable.

Do you want to collect stamps? Collecting stamps is a popular hobby practiced by a lot of people all over the world. For non stamp collectors, you may ask why collect stamps? What joy this can bring to collectors? Stamps may just be pieces of paper with prints and pictures. However, stamps offer more than just paper these represent historical events, people, important places, and more.

China Panda Stamps are among the many stamps collectors may want to collect. Whether you are a stamp collector or just sending a mail to your loved one, you can choose from any of the china panda bear stamps available. You can make your mail a special one by using Chinese panda bear stamps and provide your letter your own personal touch.

Choose from among the different China Panda Stamps like the giant panda stamps, the panda cub stamps, the rare Chinese panda stamps, and more. The China Panda Stamps also come in different sizes and different denominations.

Help save the panda bears which are slowly decreasing in number by buying china panda bear stamps. You can help protect them from extinction by supporting and using the Chinese panda bear stamps today.

Help preserve these lovable creatures by using China Panda Stamps every time you send a mail. Using panda cub stamps, and similar other types of stamps will help save these animals from extinction, and help save the wildlife.

Get panda cub stamps and be charmed by these adorable animals. There are a lot of panda cub stamps which show one or more panda cubs in their adorable shots which will surely delight any panda lovers and stamp collectors alike.

Send that mail now using adorable China Panda Stamps. Stamp collectors may also delight in collecting rare panda stamps which are issued to help save these lovable animals. Be among those who place an effort to save the gentle pandas by using and collecting your own different types of China Panda Stamps today.

China Panda Stamps