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Chinese postage stamp collections include China Flag stamps. China's national flag has undergone several changes during the course of its history. The country also has several other flags including Hong Kong's flag, Macau's flag, Harbin's flag, military flags, etc. The country's first postage stamps were issued in 1878. Commoners could buy Chinese stamps for a few fens, which was the subdivided currency of Chinese Yuan around that period. Chinese flag stamps were sold for 500 fens to 1250 fens in that period.

Today, there is a lot of demand for these antique China flag stamps. Some philatelists, i.e., postage stamp collectors, focus exclusively on flag stamps. Different flags have appeared on Chinese postage stamps since the introduction of postage stamps in the country.

Around 1878, Qing dynasty was ruling the country. By 1910, there was a complete chaos in the country. Emperor died creating a vacuum, and revolutionaries forced Empress Dowager to abdicate the throne. By 1912, nationalists and communists divided the country into two parts. Communist party of China captured power in the mainland.

The nationalist party formed Republic of China and started administration from a region now known as Taiwan. Effectively, China ceased to be a single nation. Japanese invaders stepped in between 1937 and 1945. Westerners already had their colonies in the country. It was only after Japan's humiliation in World War II that Chinese regained control of their republic, but not before stepping into another Civil War.

This is the reason flags on Chinese stamps differ from one period to another. Historic significance of China flag stamps increases their value. Collectors look for rare Chinese flag stamps and uncommon Chinese flag stamps. Unused Chinese flag stamps from 1950s may fetch more than five dollars each. There are several websites these days that facilitate the sale and purchase of philately stamps, including China flag stamps.

Do you choose the stamps you use for your mail? For some, stamps are just little pieces of paper you stick unto your mail but for a lot of other people especially collectors, stamps tell so much and not just serve mailing purposes. Stamps most often tell a country's history, culture, geography, people, and more. It tells about important events, a country's political story, and important people. The China Flag Stamps like other stamps also tell its own story.

You can make every mail special with your own personal touch by using stamps which are close to your heart. Some of the stamps you can use for your mails include the Chinese flag stamps. Buy Chinese stamps or add these to your very own stamp collection. There are rare chinese flag stamps which can be a valuable addition to your wide collection of stamps. You can also look for unique chinese flag stamps either to use for your mail or as collectible items. You can buy chinese stamps in many online auctions shops or in specialty stores all across the country.

Choose from among the different sizes of China Flag Stamps from 2.1 x 1.3 landscape stamps to portrait stamps with 1.3 x 2.1 size. You can buy these China Flag stamps in sheets and with different postage denominations. Get the different designs of China Flag Stamps like the wavy chinese postage stamp. The China flag has its own symbol. The red symbolizes livelihood and fraternity.

Start your own collection of different stamp designs including China Flag Stamps. Get into the hobby of stamp collection and experience the joy which other hobbyist have been enjoying for years. Be a stamp collector today. Get the different Chinese flag stamps and choose among the unique chinese flag stamps, and rare Chinese flag stamps you can find in specialty stores all across the country.

China Flag Stamps