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Many postage stamps have images of birds on them. Therefore, their presence on Chinese stamps is not surprising. China bird stamps include China pheasant stamps, China owl stamps, China Swan stamps, China dove stamps, Chinese parrot stamps, and Chinese hawk stamps. In 1978, Chinese postal department printed three bird stamps. The bird in these stamps was the golden pheasant.

The background color in these stamps is light gray or similar shade. On it are the cartoon images of the bright red, yellow, and brown bird. Each of these stamps is of different denomination.

Each stamp has a unique code. For example, golden pheasant set of 1978 bear code numbers SG 2847, SG 2848, and SG 2849. In 2008, Chinese postal department issued another stamp based on golden pheasant. The code of this stamp is 5252e. In 1995, the department introduced stamp with code SG 3966. This stamp has the image of a silver pheasant on it.

SG 3205 of 1982 has the image of Great Tit. The swan collection in China bird stamps includes four stamps bearing code numbers SG 3283, SG 3284, SG 3285, and SG 3286. The birds depicted on these stamps include the mute swan and the tundra swan. The peacock collection in China bird stamps includes SG 4888 that has an image of a white peafowl on it. Other stamps in this set of 2004 include a much larger stamp than conventional stamps.

This stamp bears the number SG 4889. In 2005, China's postal department introduced some bird stamps which include SG 5000. This stamp has the image of a Manchurian crane on it. Other birds in the set include Oriental stork (SG 5001), Common Shelduck (SG 5002), and the Golden eagle (SG 5003). SG 3453 of 1986 is a long rectangular stamp showing many Siberian cranes in flight. Releasing stamps to mark special events, and milestones is done by all countries and each country chooses themes that describes their country.

It is exclusive to China to give a lot of importance to its fauna and this is done in several ways. On such way is to release China Bird Stamps on special days. It would be an interesting task for the nature loving photographer to capture these rare images.

Chinese bird stamps are a collector's delight. The philatelists would comb the market looking for rare finds. In the pursuit of stamp collection, the philatelist gains a lot of knowledge about the birds of China. Each stamp would have information recorded such as its date of release, the event that prompted that release, as also information relating to the bird.

The information of the birds would include minute details of their eating habits, longevity, and the number of species. There are some rare Chinese bird stamps and the china pheasant stamps come under this category.

Among the birds of China there are many common birds as well which one finds the world over. Some stamp collectors prefer stamps created on common birds and in fact, sometimes concentrate on one particular bird stamp which comes in various prints and sizes released at different times. The peace lovers could perhaps go for the china dove stamps, and the delicate china swam stamps.

In the category of parrots, there are different species running into hundreds. It would be a full time job for those interested in Chinese parrot stamps to go in search of all the species. The same applies to the china owl stamps and the Chinese hawk stamps.

A mention need be made of the different species that exist under different categories, and it is interesting to note that even those concentrating on a single bird would have a treasure trove of stamps.

China Bird Stamps